About Sūvata

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Sūvata Friends Church is a Quaker centered spiritual community that’s committed to the conscious cultivation of Spirit.

We provide our members with tools and resources to manage the overwhelm that comes from life in this modern world so it’s easier to hear That of God in us and seek it in others.







Our Leadership

Rev. Elizabeth "Ysmay" Gray

Rev. Elizabeth "Ysmay" Gray


Raised in an interfaith family, Elizabeth is an ordained minister and spiritual advisor. She is often led to share wisdom from Quakerism, Buddhism, paganism, and other faiths.

Elizabeth is the host of our podcast, and has recently started a personal blog on Substack.



Rev. Cynthia Wenslow

Rev. Cynthia Wenslow


Cynthia came to Quakerism in her late teens. The focus on kindness, simplicity, and peace spoke to her. Cynthia’s personal practice focused greatly on listening to Spirit, and seeking that of God in everyone. 

It is with great sorrow we announce Cynthia went on to become an ancestor in spring 2022. 

What does Sūvata mean?

Sūvata is an old Ingrian word meaning, “to love.” We can make the world a better place by listening for Spirit, and cultivating love for ourselves, our family, and our community through holistic spiritual practices that recenter our energy, align our minds, and open our hearts.

Join our Fellowship

Sunrise in Tucson, Arizona

Morning Inspiration

Start your day on the bright side with Sunrise, our morning email designed to help you start the day with a view to holistic and spiritual wellness.

Weekly Satsang


Join us every First Day (Sunday) for our weekly slightly programmed meeting. We practice Waiting Worship, and also practice healing movement and breathwork.

Our meetings are slated to resume midsummer 2023.

Sutra Study

Sutra Study

Join us every other Wednesday when we meet for Sutra Study, where we dive deep into ancient texts and teachings from the Bible, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas, and the Tibetan Buddhist Canon.

Meditation Retreat

Waiting Worship Retreats

We facilitate Waiting Worship Retreats in Upstate New York. These 2 day mostly silent retreats allow us to listen to the divine. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our in person retreats are currently on pause until it is safe to resume.

Our Mission

The mission of Sūvata Friends Church is to promote a holistic religious and spiritual philosophy that encompasses mental, physical, and spiritual development in forums that are easily accessible to the general public.

At the core of Sūvata’s mission is the expansion of human potential and liberation from suffering. We believe all humans deserve to live a life of happiness and fulfillment without limits, and the first step in that journey is seeking That of God in ourselves and in those we encounter.

Sūvata Friends Church is a registered religious non-profit in the state of Arizona, currently seeking 501c3 status.