About Sūvata

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Sūvata began in 2013 as 42Yogis, a yoga video database, and blog.

Over the years the yoga blog grew and evolved, as did the mission. No longer were we focused solely on exploring yoga and sharing yoga. The more we learned, the more we grew, the more we discovered yoga is only part of the puzzle.

To truly liberate yourself from suffering, you need a modality that accounts for who you are, your life circumstances, and your inner truth.

Beginning in 2014, our founder Ysmay developed a holistic life system based on yogic principles that transformed her life.

This organisation exists to bring those teachings to the public.

About Ysmay

Ysmay is a yoga teacher, energy worker, nutritionist, and herbalist who came to holistic practices as a way to recover from a life long nervous system disorder and heart condition.

She is passionate about helping people master their mindset, break free from negative thought loops, and uplevel their life through holistic practices.

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What does Sūvata mean?

Sūvata is an old Ingrian word meaning, “to love.” We believe love is the source all good in the world, and we can make the world a better place by first cultivating love for ourselves, our family, and our community through holistic practices that recenter our energy, align our minds, and open our hearts.

Private 1:1 Session

How to Join Us

Morning Inspiration

Start your day on the bright side with Sunrise, our morning email designed to help you start the day from a positive frame of mind.

Private Sessions

Work with Ysmay one on one to work through your limiting beliefs, improve your mindset, and reframe your world view. currently closed

Seasonal Retreats

Reboot and recharge at our holistic wellness retreats. Due to COVID, our next retreat is planned for Spring 2022.

Our Mission

The mission of Sūvata is to promote a holistic lifestyle practice that encompasses mental, physical, and spiritual development in forums that are easily accessible to the general public. At the core of Sūvata’s mission is the expansion of human potential and liberation. We believe all humans deserve to live a life of happiness and fulfillment without limits.

The Sūvatan Life


Sūvata is a modern lifestyle practice built on ancient wisdom. 

Blending yoga, energy working, nutrition, and stoicism, Sūvata isn’t a practice that lives solely on the mat. Sūvata lives off the mat in your daily life. 

Sūvata lives when you’re sitting in rush hour traffic, when you’re dealing with that one family member you want to disown, and when you’re trying to prepare a healthy meal in our drive thru world.

While Sūvata is rooted in ancient traditions, it is a non-secular practice, and can be embraced by people of all faiths and all walks of life.