Sūvata Friends Church Announces: The Andover Regional Food Pantry

Connecting Our Community Through Food & Values

coming summer 2024

Our Mission

Food Scarcity is Real

Food scarcity in Rural New York is a pressing issue. Many families in our region are unable to afford healthy, nutritious meals. 

Sūvata Friends Church is pleased to announce the upcoming Andover Regional Food Pantry to provide nutritious meals to families in need. 

Not Just a Meal

Our pantry will be more than just a place to get a meal; it will be a community hub where compassion and assistance meet, ensuring no one in our area faces food insecurity alone. 

Not only will we provide healthy food delivered to your door, we also will provide cooking classes, meal plans, and nutrition counseling. 

Why WE Do it

Giving Back

With the help of generous donors and dedicated volunteers, we will offer a variety of fresh, healthy, and nutritious food options to serve our community. Join us in our mission to create a hunger-free community, where everyone has access to the food they need to thrive.

All are welcome to attend our first exploratory meeting. 

18 March 2024 2pm at the Terra Cotta Coffee House in Alfred, NY.

People First

Not everyone has the same nutriton needs. At the Andover Regional Food Pantry we are committed to working with our clients to ensure their meals are healthy, supportive, and delicious.

Ethical Sourcing

Owned and operated by the Sūvata Friend Church, our Quaker values guide us in the pursuit of ethical food sourcing.

We believe in responsible sourcing that reflects our deep-rooted commitment to justice and compassion.

By sourcing our food locally, we not only ensure the highest quality and freshness but also reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainable agricultural practices.

Rooted in the Community

We have teamed up with local farms, restaurants, nutritionists, and shops to bring together a collaborative community experience focused on helping families in need in Allegany County, New York.


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