How to Realign Your Energy

You know those days where everything just flows? Everything you do feels golden; blessed by God. Your feet feel light. You move with ease. Your existence feels simple and balanced. Your countenance is serene; your attitude joyful, and everything just seems to go your...

Going Back to Mindfulness Basics

I was at my day job recently -- I'm a server at a diner currently -- and one of my coworkers told me she's struggling with anxiety and just went on a new medication. I suggested she gives meditation a try because there are zero negative side effects. The worst thing...

Get Swept Away in the Act of Doing

Today's meditation exercise is around cleaning and the act of focusing your mind on the task at hand. To get the most out of today's exercise, listen to it before you start cleaning so as to minimise your distractions. I have long had a thing for art. I began painting...

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