How to Realign Your Energy

How to Realign Your Energy aka…The Myth of Magical Days

You know those days where everything just flows?

Everything you do feels golden; blessed by God. Your feet feel light. You move with ease. Your existence feels simple and balanced. Your countenance is serene; your attitude joyful, and everything just seems to go your way.

Those days are magical, right? It feels like you are being guided by a higher power and your path is blessed.

The reason those days feel so magical, so powerful, is because for most of us, they’re rare. They’re few and far between. It’s far more likely we have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong.

You can’t focus. You can’t get into a groove. You wake up late because you forgot to set an alarm. You mess up at work. You get into snip fest with your friends, colleagues, and family members. Your coffee order gets messed up. Your yoga class is cancelled. You spill a taco down the front of your favourite shirt.

If you’re a writer, maybe words escape you. If you’re a painter, maybe the canvas repels you. If you are a yogi, you can’t seem to make it to your mat.

At the end of the day, when you are tired, you’re d-o-n-e done…you just want to crash and start over tomorrow, but sleep eludes you.

For most of us those days are more common than the magical days, so the magical days — which aren’t really magical at all — seem truly special.

If you look back through your days, if you look back at the last year, for example, the magical days aren’t really phenomenal…they’re just the days with less drama and bullshit than all the others.

Or are they?

If you’re being really honest with yourself, did they really have less drama and bullshit or were you just less phased by it?

For most of us, the amount of drama and bullshit we encounter on a daily basis is pretty much the same day in and day out. After all, we have the same job, the same family, the same friends, the same coworker. We go to the same coffee shop. We drive the same route at roughly the same time.

We have relatively routine lives. The ins and outs don’t change…but our mindset? Our energy field? Those do change.

When we’re having a bleh day vs. a magical day, the main difference is our mindset and our energy. Our mindset is dramatically influenced by our energy, and vice versa.

To realign our energy, we have to get out of our heads, and to get out of our heads, we have to realign our energy.

It’s very much a chicken and egg problem, but there are a few tools to have in your belt that will help you with both, and we’ll get to those in just a minute.

But first…

How to Tell if Your Energy is Out of Alignment

While all the signs of energy misalignment are different for everybody, there are some signs that are universal:

  1. You can’t meditate to save your life. No matter how hard you try to focus on your breath and let your thoughts float by, you just keep getting sucked into thought loops.
  2. Whenever you try to focus on your work or your hobbies, you just zone out instead. An hour or three will go by and you’ll realise you’ve done absolutely nothing of “value.”
  3. You’re unusually bitchy. Everybody is a little bitchy at times, but when your energy is out of alignment, you’re extra bitchy. Or “grumpy” if you prefer that terminology.
  4. Nothing seems to go your way. You are late. The coffee shop is out of oat milk. You dropped a taco. You got stuck behind a slow guy when you’re running late.
  5. You have a background headache. No matter what you seem to do, you have a low-grade headache in the background that you can’t seem to shake. It’s not a big deal, but it’s there just enough to let you know.
  6. Everyone is on your shitlist. Even people you love dearly are pissing you the fuck off, and you know it’s not their fault; it’s actually all about you and what’s going on with you right now.
  7. You’re clumsy and dropping things. Dropping your phone more? Stumbling over your own feet? These are both signs you’re out of alignment. (If you’re thinking, “but I’m always uncoordinated” I would wager your energy has just been out of alignment for a really long time.)
  8. You can’t seem to wake up fully. I am not talking about spiritual awakening; I mean literal awakening. You can’t seem to wake up without large amounts of caffeine or other stimulants.
  9. Life just fucking blows. For no good reason, for no real reason you can pinpoint, when someone asks you “how are you?” your first impulse is to respond with “fucking terrible” and you have no real reason why.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, odds are good you’re out of alignment. Changing your relationship with your energy (and consequently your mindset) will do wonders for you.

1. Grounding

person standing between tall trees surrounded by fogs

When someone says to me, “My energy is off” the first thing I recommend is grounding.

Grounding, or Earthing, is the concept of putting your body in contact with nature in order to calm your energy, soothe your emotions, and break yourself free from toxic thought loops.

The concept of grounding is rooted in the belief that by putting your body’s electrical impulses — energy — into contact with that of the Earth that you’re going back to your primordial roots and reconnecting to the energetic force that has spawned all living beings.

While this may or may not be true, the therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature have been well documented.

A 2019 study of 20,000 people indicates that spending 2 hours per week in nature is associated with good health and well being.

Richard Louv, a journalist from San Diego, published a book called Last Child in The Woods in 2005 that also shows how important nature is for the well being of humans.

At the time he published his book, there were only about 60 studies about the importance of grounding in nature. At the time of this podcast, there are well over 1,000.

And these studies are clear: spending time in nature lowers blood pressure, increases immune function, decreases nervous system function, and lowers stress hormone production.

And for me, and many people in modern spiritual circles, grounding in nature is directly related to soothing your energy and opening your awareness.

The less stress you feel within your body, the calmer your energy becomes, and the more open your third eye becomes.

2. Journaling

elderly woman busy writing

Ok, so this may not be the most popular suggestion I’m going to throw your way, but journaling actually really helps.

When you journal you give your brain the space to let go of all the drama it’s hanging onto. Your brain wants to get information out of it. Journaling has been proven by hundreds of studies to help you reduce stress and anxiety.

Your brain likes to unburden itself. This is why criminals often confess and put themselves into jail when there’s absolutely zero evidence tying them to the crime.

You may not want to share your deepest, darkest thoughts with random humans, or even your closest friends. Journaling allows you to make sense of what comes up for you while you’re meditating, dreaming, or even day dreaming.

Journaling doesn’t have to be in a fancy book. I personally use knockoff Moleskines from Amazon or Walmart. I used to use composition books.

But you don’t even have to use a physical journal. You could use the Notes app on your iPhone, or you can create a digital journal in the Good Notes app on the iPad.

To get started with therapeutic journaling, simply open up whatever you’re using as your designated journal, and start writing. Just let your brain go. Brain vomit, if you will, whatever comes up, and whatever you’re feeling called to put to page.

Don’t worry if it’s good. Don’t worry if you can even read your handwriting. The point isn’t to write the next War and Peace. The point is to unburden yourself.

Once these thoughts are out of your brain, you make space for other things, for positive things, for things that raise your energetic vibration.

3. Move Your Body

woman turning around on green fields

Every one of us is here on this Earth, in this mortal realm, in this body for a reason. God could’ve just as easily stuck you into the body of a cat, or a squirrel, or the almighty and majestic possum, but no.

You were born into a human suit.

Your soul was given a human body to wear around so you can learn what it’s like to be a human and so your soul can experience the lessons and teachings that are only available to humans.

To truly unlock your energy, you need to move your body. Embody your body. Whether it’s through yoga, or jogging, or divine dance, let your body move freely, and experience your body. Note the way your body feels. Embrace the way this form feels for you.

Connect with your body and let the energy that fuels it flow through you. Feel the energy move through your cells. Feel it move up from your feet through your legs and your torso and out through your finger tips. Let your body move in ecstatic disarray and feel the tension and negativity flow out of your being.

4. Focus on The Positive

woman standing on the desert while her hands up

There is a lot of stuff that sucks in this world, and a lot of stuff that I’m sure you feel sucks in your life. But I’d like to challenge you for a second with this:

Do you have a roof over your head?

Do you have clean water, and food to eat?

Do you have a body that’s relatively free from disease and discomfort?

Ostensibly you have internet since you’re reading this, so you have access to some sort of technology as well as an uplink. The fact you can read this means you’re free from censorship of word and thought.

And, speaking of, if you’re reading this at all, you can read!

You are more blessed than billions of people around the world.

If you have clean water, a roof over your head, and food to eat all at the same time, you’re more blessed than 75% of the world’s population.

If you can read, you’re luckier than over 1 billion people on this planet who cannot.

If you don’t have to fear political, social, or religious persecution for who you associate with and what you read online, you’re more fortunate than 3 billion people.

While these may seem like they’re “no big deal”, it’s only because we live where we live. It’s only because we are privileged. You are damn well blessed just to be right here, right now.

When you’re feeling down, when your energy is out of alignment, count your blessings. Literally COUNT them. Count all the things you have, and you’ll soon see how fortunate you are to be who you are.

When you begin to spiral into the low vibrational energy state, go back to gratitude. Give thanks to the universe, to God, for what you have, and who you are. By realigning with the positive, you make room for even more blessings.


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