Self-actualisation conquers despair

Becoming your highest self is an essential part of being human and breaking karmic cycles that keep your soul stuck. 

But becoming your highest self is hard.

Especially when you’re depressed. 



And really tired of this whole human life lesson thing.

During these times it’s easy to sit back and go, “you know…I’m just going to exist. I’m not going to try…I’m just going to sit and exist. Existing is good enough.”

But for most people who experience this deep sense of ennui, is not enough to simply exist.

To break the cycle of despair and depression that plagues us, we must be committed to doing the work of self-actualisation. 

We must actively work to improve ourselves and our lives.

When we commit to self-actualisation, when we commit to being our best self, our highest self, we open up new possibilities and experiences. We also find greater meaning and purpose in life. And, in so doing, our despair fades.

In order to self-actualise, we need to continuously grow and develop as individuals. 

One of the most important things we can do is to identify our personal values and goals. Once we have clarity on who we want to be and the life we wish to lead, we can start taking steps towards living it.

We may need to make some tough decisions along the way, but the rewards of self-actualisation are more than worth the effort. By discovering and fulfililng our soul’s mission in this life, we can bring about positive change in the world and create growth and healing that trancends our generational wounds. 


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