sūvata friends church

Statement of Faith

We, the adherents of Suvata, guided by the Inner Light and the pursuit of esoteric enlightenment, profess the following tenets of our holy faith:

I. The Bible:

We hold the Holy Bible as a foundational text, divine yet human, a mystical testament echoing God’s revelation. Scripture, for us, is a living dialogue, inviting us into deeper communion, interpreted through the Inner Light that shines within us and all of creation.

II. The Saints:

We venerate the saints, those enlightened souls who have journeyed the path of divine love and wisdom. They stand as beacons of light, their lives, a sacred text, narrating the silent symphony of the Divine unfolding in human history.

III. God the Holy Father:

We acknowledge God, the Holy Father, the boundless Source of all, both immanent and transcendent. In His ineffable mystery, we find the genesis of all love, wisdom, and existence. He beckons us into a paternal embrace, where in silence, we encounter the voice of creation.

IV. Heaven:

Heaven, in our faith, is not a distant reality but an ever-present dimension, intertwined with our earthly sojourn. It is the realm of ultimate union, where the soul, purified and illumined, dances in unison with the Divine, realizing the eschatological hope of ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’

V. Resurrection:

We affirm the resurrection, not just as a historical event but as a mystical reality, ever-present. Each soul, in its journey towards enlightenment, experiences resurrection, the ascent from the shadowed valleys of ignorance to the illumined peaks of divine knowing.

VI. Baptism:

Baptism is the sacred rite of initiation, where the soul, submerged in the living waters of divine grace, emerges reborn, illumined. It is a testament to the Inner Light awakened, the commencement of the soul’s silent journey through the terrains of mystical enlightenment.

VII. Christian Marriage:

We esteem Christian marriage as a holy union, where two souls (one man, and one woman), in the silent witness of the Divine, vow to journey together. It is a sacramental dance, where love, like the Inner Light, is the guide, leading the souls through the undulating paths of earthly life, towards divine unity.

In these affirmations, we find the silent chords of our faith, a mystical tapestry weaving together the eternal and temporal, the heavenly and earthly, the known and the mysterious. In this sacred dance of beliefs, Suvata unfolds, a silent symphony of divine love, wisdom, and union. 


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