Statement of Faith

We are members of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Quakers are known for its commitment to pacifism, simplicity, integrity, equality, and direct experience of God. Below is our Statement of Faith.

1. Belief in God: We believe in one God, omnipotent and omniscient, who is the creator and sustainer of all. We believe God presents himself to His people in a context and form that they are willing to receive.

2. Jesus Christ: We recognise Jesus Christ as the divine Son of God, whose life, death, and resurrection are central to salvation and human redemption.

3. Holy Spirit: We place emphasis on the direct and continuous guidance of the Holy Spirit, which leads us in our daily lives and gathers us together as a worship community.

4. Scripture: We acknowledge the Bible as a significant spiritual text, providing guidance and inspiration, interpreted through the lens of the Holy Spirit. We also examine the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas, the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, and more. We explore religious texts from all faiths so we can get closer to The Lord.

5. Inner Light: We hold belief in the “Inner Light” or “That of God in everyone,” which guides individual conscience and fosters a personal relationship with the Divine.

6. Worship and Ministry: We practise a Semi-Programmed Meeting which begins with a scripture reading, and concludes with Waiting Worship, or contemplative prayer, where we listen for God’s voice within us.

7. Simplicity and Integrity: We are committed to a simple, minimalist lifestyle that avoids excess and focuses on the essentials, aligning one’s life with one’s beliefs. We believe through simple living in as much harmony with nature as is reasonably possible we are able to get closer to God.

8. Peace and Nonviolence: We root our pacifist beliefs in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. We reject all forms of war and all violence including domestic violence, and violance towards animals. We are vegetarians, and while our community potlucks are vegetarian, we do not judge those who eat meat, and you do not have to be a vegetarian to be a member of our fellowship.

9. Equality: We believe in the equality of all. As we all contain the Inner Light of God, we are all equals. No man is greater than any other. No man has spiritual authority over any other.

10. Community and Service: We believe in supporting one’s community so those around us may grow where they are planted. Our community outreach is in large ways, and also small ways.

11. Continual Revelation: We believe in the ongoing revelation from God. We affirm that spiritual understanding continues to unfold and grow. The Bible, while an embodiment of God, is not the full extent of God’s message.


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