The Five Tenants

Sauca: Purity of Mind, Body, Soul

Sauca is the practise of cleanliness and purity of your mind, body, and soul.

You can practise saucha by wearing clean clothes, maintaining proper hygiene, eating clean and healthful foods, ridding your mind of mean-spirited thoughts, reducing clutter and baggage in your home, and practising the art of forgiveness.

Ahimsa: Non-violence

All beings deserve a life of peace and free from harm. By practising ahimsa, you’re doing your part to create a world without violence, whether physical, emotional, or verbal.

You can practise ahimsa by being kind with your actions, gentle with your words, following a vegan diet, and reducing your environmental impact.

Satya: Truthfulness

Truthfulness is the cornerstone of all genuine interactions. Whether those interactions are with yourself or with others, if they’re not rooted in truthfulness, nothing genuine can come of them. Satya is essential for spiritual growth.

Sati: Mindfulness

Sati is the practise of mindful awareness of your thoughts, sensations, and the world around you. Through sati, you will become aware of how your thoughts create your emotions. Practising sati helps you to control negative emotions as you can rewrite your thoughts as they arise.

You can practise sati by paying attention to what’s going on around you, focusing on the sensation of breath in your body, and bringing your awareness to sounds, smells, and sensations.

Mitahara: Dietary Moderation

Mitahara is the practice of moderating what you eat and drink so you can achieve a balanced body and mind. Often diseases, illnesses, and pain arise when our bodies are out of balance.

Our bodies are not meant to be as overfed and stimulated as they are in our modern world. By practising mitahara, you allow your body to return to balance.

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