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Yoga Resources to Get You Through COVID-19

I’m Ysmay; I’m the founder of SuvataYoga.com, and this show is here to help guide you on your journey through yoga and wellness so you can become your best self ever.

In this episode, I want to share resources with you that will empower you to continue and deepen your yoga practice. Even if you are self-isolating, even if you are quarantined, and you can’t leave the house for a couple weeks. But first a quick message about our sponsor.


First up on the list is myyogaworks.com.

MyYogaWorks is currently free if you sign up using the coupon code ONLINE.

MyYogaWorks has over 1300 classes, they also are completely mobile compatible. You can do your classes on your phone, on your iPad on your computer. You can practice entirely at your own pace whenever you have time.

And it’s usually 15 bucks a month. But right now, MyYogaWorks is completely free if you sign up using the coupon code online.

Next on the list is downdogapp.com.

Down Dog has made all of their apps completely free until May 1. Anybody who wants to practice at home can do so whether you prefer Down Dog Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, barre, their seven minute workout app. All of these are completely free until May 1.

You can find links to download on the App Store. Whether you’re on an Android device or an iPhone over at down dog app.com

CorePower Yoga has made a selection of their work available for free on their streaming website corepoweryogaondemand.com. Usually access to corepoweryogaondemand.com is 1999 a month in order to get unlimited access to their full collection of 250 plus classes.

Currently they have — at the time of this recording — eight yoga classes ranging from 22 minutes to one hour and two meditations available for free at corepoweryogaondemand.com the full link to where you can find these free classes is going to be in the show notes so you can just click on over get the show notes over at SuvataYoga.com/podcast 

glo.com is offering a selection of nine videos for free to help you keep up with your practice during this time.

There are three yoga videos, three polities videos and three meditations the videos range and length from five to 15 minutes for the meditations, 15 to 45 minutes for polities and 15 to 60 minutes for yoga.

You can find those over at glo.com/fromourhearts.

And of course, this list would not be complete without SuvataYoga.comgetting a mention.

Our website has over 1400 Yoga videos taught by the best yoga teachers on YouTube.

We go out and painstakingly curate these yoga videos so that you only get the best yoga videos from the best teachers because we know there’s way too much on YouTube right now for you to really experience all that YouTube has to offer in the yoga space.

And there’s also a lot of crap and we went through the trouble of filtering out all the crap for you and everyday.

We have have new videos being published in our free yoga video library. So you can check that out over at suvatayoga.com.

If you hear of any online yoga classes that I have not already mentioned, please let me know what they are head on over to SuvataYoga.com/message and leave me a voicemail.

Because the great thing about this platform I use to record the podcast is I can add your voicemail into the podcast after the episode has already been published. So if you hear anything at all that you think the community needs to know about, please let me know.

It is incumbent upon all of us to make sure that we are all empowered during this time where we cannot get to the yoga studio.

Thank you very much for tuning into this episode. We are going to end our time together with a meditation But before we do, I would like to ask you to subscribe to this show in your favorite podcast player so you’re notified every time there’s a new episode. You can find the links, show notes and more over at SuvataYoga.com/podcast.


Find your comfortable seat wherever that may be. Take a moment to settle into your body and then gently close your eyes.

Pay attention to how your body feels in this moment. Do you feel light? Do you feel heavy? Do you feel alert or tired?

Do you have any pain arising in your body at the moment? Just take note. Bring your awareness to your breath. Notice how your body feels as you inhale and how it feels as you exhale.

Notice how your chest rises and falls.

Just pay attention to your natural breath. There is no need to change anything.

And as your mind starts to wander away from your breath, just bring it back.

Gently start to deepen your breath.

breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

As you inhale, breathe in positive energy. And as you exhale, breathe out negativity.

Let your body returned to natural breath.

When you’re ready, in your own time, start to bring your awareness back into your body. Check-in with how your body is feeling light or heavy. tired or alert. Check in and see if you have any instances of pain in your body. Start to make gentle movements that you feel called to make right now.

From your own time, gently open your eyes. Namaste.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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