You are a divine being

Every person, every animal, every plant…

We are each a unique expression of the infinite creative energy that is the Universe. 

Every thought, every action, every experience is an opportunity to connect with our divine nature and to express our greater potential. 

When we live in alignment with our true nature, we access a wellspring of wisdom, love, and power. It is there in our true nature we connect with our highest self and tap into our inherent divinity. We can also become channels for healing energy, which can be used to help ourselves and others. 

Every moment is an opportunity to remember who we really are and to claim our birthright as divine beings. When we do, we open the door to a life of limitless possibilities.

So next time you feel lost or uncertain, remember that you are a divine being, capable of anything. Just reach deep within yourself and let your light shine forth.

These emails — delivered Monday – Friday at 5am — exist to help you recognise the divinity within yourself and those around you.


I am glad you’re here.

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