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You are an ethereal being

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Email Archives | 0 comments

You, in all your divinity, in all of your Youness, are ethereal. 

You are more than this body you possess.

You are more than the human suit with which you navigate this realm.

You are an ethereal being. You are otherworldly.

To be ethereal is to transcend the physical world and touch the divine through your own divinity.

To be ethereal is to be light and airy, like a feather floating on the breeze. To be ethereal is to be the echo of a blissful dream, a memory that lingers long after waking. 

As you move through the world, you leave behind light, and healing energy, and positive 

To be ethereal is to be beautiful and fragile, like a butterfly flitting among the flowers. 

But above all, to be ethereal is to be magical, to be a ray of hope in a dark and weary world.

And that’s what you are. No matter what’s going on. No matter what angst is triggering you. No matter how you’re feeling in this moment. No matter the struggles you’re coping with. 

You are still a ray of hope for someone else.

You are still ethereal. 


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