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Your Narrative is Holding You Back

Today, I want to talk to you about your default programming. And this is a topic we’ve been revisiting over and over again here on the show, and it is a topic we will continue to revisit because your default programming is responsible for so much of what goes on in your world. It is responsible for so much of what happens in your life.

Your default programming is a set of beliefs, habits, routines, rituals, and narratives that have come together to coalesce into the underlying software of your being.

Today, I want to talk to you specifically about the stories and the narratives and how those influence your default programming.

Every time something happens in your life, whether it’s a good something, a bad something, a neutral something, your brain creates a narrative. Your brain will say, Oh, well, that’s a good thing that happened. Or that’s a bad thing that happened. Or that’s an indifferent thing that happened. And the indifferent things that happen are almost more powerful than the good or the bad, because we overlook them. Our brain, our narrative, will sail past those. And in the end, those can create some real problems and hang ups for us.

Every time your brain has to process an event. It adds to this narrative and adds to this worldview, it adds to the programming. And it adds to the filter and the lens that you use to view the world to view you to view your place within this world and the universe to view you and your relationship to others.

And also, your viewing relationship of yourself. The good things that happened in our life…someone pulled out of a parking spot, just as we needed…or someone decided to leave you an extra good tip at work, or complimented your hair. These are all things that feed into the positive narrative and moral life.

But if you’re like most people, you will notice that these positive narratives are not the ones that really control the way you move throughout this world. It’s the negative narratives, it’s the negative stories that are the ones which influence the way in which you move through the world more than the good ones.

If you have a conflict with a co-worker, you’re going to be more likely to stay stuck on that conflict and use that conflict to feed the narrative that you’re not good enough that you’re not smart enough that you’re not capable enough that you’re somehow less than.

That narrative, the negative and the toxic narrative, will grow faster than if all you’re hearing the rest of the day is, “you did a really good job. I’m really proud of you. You knocked that out of the park.”

Those are great, but they’re overshadowed by the negative.

And the reason is because our narratives are more often influenced by toxic events and negativity such as trauma, chaos, turmoil, regret, loss and fear than they are about the positive. And this is the fault of your ego.

Your ego will take any negative events that happens in your life and make it all about you. Your ego will say hey, that bad thing that happened to you earlier. That’s because you’re not good enough. That’s because you don’t deserve good things. You don’t deserve happy things.

Your ego will tell you that the bad things that happen in your life are happening because there are some universal conspiracy to fuck your shit up.

And the more your brain, the more your ego tells you this, the more likely you are to believe it.

And so what happens is you end up getting stuck in a cycle where something good starts to develop, and you sabotage it. Anytime something begins to blossom, like a beautiful new relationship, you fuck it up.

Because after a while, after years of your ego telling you, “hey, you’re not enough, this isn’t, this isn’t something that’s going to happen for you, this isn’t going to work out for you, or work out for other people, but not for you.”

The more you hear that, after having that for years, and years, and years, what happens?

You believe it’s true.

And then you start believing it. And you end up in these terrible, toxic, vicious cycles. Because here’s the other thing by your ego, your ego and also the rest of your mind, thanks to your default programming hates to be wrong.

There’s nothing people hate more in this world than being wrong. We especially don’t want to believe that something that we think that we think to be true, is wrong. The idea that our brain is tricking us is highly uncomfortable for most people.

It takes a lot of strength to recognise that “hey, my brain, not always on my side here.” And to then recognise, “hey, this toxic narrative is not actually helping me. It’s sabotaging me it’s holding me back.”

Your ego’s job is to make you feel better about yourself. And one of the ways that it does that is by keeping you safe by protecting you. So you’ve got this narrative in your head from something that happened in your childhood perhaps, then you think, “Well, I don’t deserve nice things.”

So anytime something nice starts to happen, you start to talk yourself out of it. You start to sabotage it because life experience has taught you that nice things is gonna go away. You’re going to be hurt; you’re going to be disappointed.

You do not want to be hurt and disappointed. Your brain, your ego, your mind, your consciousness does not want you to feel that way, so it will go out of its way to protect you.

This defence mechanism holds more people back than anything else. And partly, it is a way of abdicating responsibility for your life. And you’re I’m not saying that you are actively abdicating responsibility, but you are subconsciously abdicating responsibility. Because if your narrative is all the things in this world are happening to you then you are not responsible.

You do not have to take ownership of anything if things happen to you. This lack of responsibility is a strong defence mechanism that your brain employs. That keeps you from growing and keeps you at least it thinks it keeps you from getting hurt later on.

The fact of the matter is that things don’t happen to you. They happen because of you.

Things happen because of your actions. Your inactions, your thoughts, your words, your beliefs, your narratives, but also and here’s what most people forget is your karma.

Your karma is not just what some people think is that pithy saying stick it on a bumper sticker like your karma is not something that is happening immediately, necessarily because of something you did five minutes ago.

Your karma is influenced by actions in this life is also influenced by your past actions in previous lives.

And you keep going through these cycles because there is something that you didn’t get right before there’s a lesson that you did not learn your soul did not understand something. And it is your karma to repeat it until you do.

Once you recognise correlation versus causation, once you recognise that your karma and also the way in which you view the world, you view yourself you view the universe in your place within it is co-creating the reality in which you live, growth opportunities begin to emerge.

Recognising patterns, between your behaviour and what happens in your life. What you think, and what happens in your life is how you and me and all of us grow.

When we see causation when we see how our limiting beliefs co-create our reality, when we see how our toxic narratives hold us down. When we see how every single time something happens to us, it feeds into that negative worldview and we just sabotage ourselves over and over and over again.

We can begin to change our reality.

Reality is not static.

Multiple timelines, multiple worlds, multiple realms, and universes exist.

With every action every yes every no every moment of indecision, splits the timeline until one day we look back at what we perceive to be our life.

What we perceive to be our world and our reality we ask what the fuck how did I get here? You got here with every single action, inaction, indecision, every breath, every “yes,” every thought, every “no,” everything creates the divergence in the timeline.

And the answer to how the hell you got to where you are is within you. And that is a hard pill for people to swallow.

People do not want to admit that they’re the reason that their shit is fucked up. whether consciously or subconsciously or because of their karmic past. People do not want to take ownership of it.

But when you do when you start to see that all opportunities and all options exist. When you see that you can split the timeline with everything that you do.

You will recognise your power you will unlock your power because the answer is always within you. Every time you chose the blue shirt over the green shirt, pleasure over pain, fear over abundance, you’re telling the universe what you want, you’re co-creating with the universe, you’re splitting the timeline. And every time you split the time when every significant or insignificant decision helps you co-create your reality and your future.

If you want to live in joy if you want to live in abundance if you want to live in peace if you want to get out of this fucking terrible cycle of, “I don’t deserve nice things. Let me go fuck it up for myself.”

You need to figure out why you choose what you choose. You need to figure out what it is within you. That is making you choose these unpleasant options and these hurtful outcomes for yourself.

You need to understand your triggers you need to understand your routines you need to understand your patterns. And only then will you show up as one who can co-create the reality that you want to inhabit.

That starts by recognising your default programming your narrative, your worldview is most likely fucked.

Recognise that your ego is trying to protect you from what it perceives to be a threat so that you can take empowered action and move forward into the reality in which you want to live.

Tune into the episode above to enjoy today’s meditation about limitless awareness.

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  1. Pauline

    This is me. Every day just trying to silence the demon inside my head #mentalhealthawareness

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    thanks. hard to stop tho


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